Located in the heart of Copenhagen, Betty Zoo is a tattoo studio, and BettyBeauty a clinic that focuses in permanent makeup.

BettyBeauty recently moved in Nikolaj Plads alongside its sister establishment BettyZoo. Previously knowned as Seni Copenhagen, my task was to create a new brand identity for BettyBeauty. In order to maintain a visual connection, I drew inspiration from the existing BettyZoo brand identity.

my contribution

  • Brand visual design
  • Logo creation





I extended this branding to real-world applications, by creating engaging mockups on various products, including the clinic's building facade and outdoor elements like sidewalk signs.

A key point was to ensure a unified graphic identity for the entire Betty brand. I designed a new brochure introducing both BettyZoo and BettyBeauty. I also designed flyers for special events such as Halloween.

other projects