As Telerepair's Marketing & Social Media Specialist, I revamped the brand's graphic identity by incorporating an eye-catching shade of pink. This fresh and vibrant color choice not only caught the attention of our target audience but also communicated our tech-savvy and modern approach to smartphone, tablet, and computer repairs. The new brand graphic identity helped reinforce our position as Denmark's biggest repairer and gave us a distinct and memorable visual presence in the market.

my contribution

  • Graphic design and content creation
  • SoMe management





Alongside the brand makeover, I implemented a cutting-edge Social Media strategy for Telerepair. Focusing on tech-related content and creating short, engaging videos tailored for platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, we successfully connected with a younger and broader audience. Through our fun and informative videos, we showcased our expertise in repairing gadgets while also promoting the importance of sustainable tech solutions. This innovative Social Media approach boosted our online presence, fostered customer engagement, and solidified Telerepair's reputation as the go-to destination for reliable and trendy gadget repairs.

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