For the last 5 seasons, I have been in charge of the program design and the communication strategy of this recurring event. One of our main objectives was to target a younger audience and promote French movies, as well as films from other French-speaking countries. We wanted to showcase the diversity of French cinema, including comedies, dramas, and documentaries. By selecting a wide range of movies, we aimed to engage audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

The Franske Film Mandage event has been successful in bringing French culture to Denmark and fostering cultural exchange between the two countries. The event has also served as a platform for young and emerging filmmakers to showcase their work and connect with international audiences.

My contribution

  • Head of communications
  • SoMe management
  • Graphic design and content creation




Institut français - Grand Teatret - Øst for Paradis

As the graphic designer and communication manager for the last 5 seasons, my responsibilities have included designing and laying out programs and posters, as well as managing newsletter and social media communication.

To promote this modern movie programming , I used bold colors, strong visuals, and the Institut français's font to create a recognizable and eye-catching aesthetic. By incorporating these design elements, we were able to create a distinct and recognizable brand for the event which aims to stood out in the landscape of movie events in Denmark.

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